Professor Can Seng Ooi

G'day, friends call me "Can Seng" ...

Knowledge should enhance academic progress, inspire students, enable the practice community
and energize public discussions - all at the same time.

My academic training is in sociology and anthropology. My research has focused on the social construction of intangible values,
including tourism experiences, art and cultural values, corporate social responsibility, and environmental values.
These values are embedded in various aspects of society, and I study them in the context of tourism and society relations,
place branding, art and cultural development, cross-cultural interaction, and international business strategy.

I am currently the Professor of Cultural and Heritage Tourism at the University of Tasmania (UTAS,)
and Co-Director of the Tourism Research and Education Network (TRENd).
I am also the Vice-President (Program, World Congress of Sociology),
Research Committee 50 (International Tourism) of the International Sociological Association.

I would love to hear from you!